Hidde Ploegh
Principal Investigator

Simona Stella 
Lab administrator

Hailey Heston
Lab manager

Novalia Pishesha

Engineered red blood cells, antigen specific tolerance, nanobody functionalization, malaria

Ryan Alexander
Postdoctoral researcher

Nanobodies in cancer immunotherapy, CAR T cells, pancreatic cancer

Thomas Balligand
Postdoctoral researcher

Thibault Harmand
Postdoctoral researcher

Organic chemistry, protein/peptide ligation and bioconjugation

Nicholas McCaul
Postdoctoral researcher

Biochemistry and cell biology. Regulation of protein homeostasis and cellular stress in vivo.

Xin Liu
Postdoctoral researcher

Targeted imaging and therapeutic agents, influenza research

Claire Carpenet
Graduate student

Elisha Verhaar
Graduate student

Using nanobodies to target mutated KRAS in pancreatic cancer

Charlotte Wijne
Graduate student

Exploring and manipulating the role of E2 enzymes in ubiquitination

Renate van den Doel
Undergraduate student